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Calendar of Events
May 14, 2004
12 Noon Golf Tournament
5-9 PM *Reception, Old Arena Wine and Cheese
7-11 PM *Informal Gathering at Pubs and Eateries
May 15, 2004
9 AM Activities Begin at 89 Church Street, Breakfast, Registration and Sign-in
9 AM Nostalgia Rooms open
10 AM Basketball, Volleyball in Boys Gym
10 AM Staff Brunch
1 PM Opening Ceremonies/ Variety Show
2:30 PM Old School at 55 Albert open for tours
4 PM School Closes
6 PM *Reception at Building #1 Markham Fair Grounds - Cash Bar Opens
6:30 PM *Buffet Dinner(served t'ill 9:30), DJ music
8 PM *Much Music Retro video Dance at Building #2
May 16, 2004
11 AM Ecumenical Ceremony St Andrews Presbyterian
*Evening events are licenced, must be 19+ to attend.
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Friday Night

“Lets meet on main street”

Friday may 14th, 2004

Registration 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Wine and Cheese Reception (wine cost a small donation of $2 toward the Alumni Fund)
Markham Village Community Center (Old Arena), Located Upstairs at Hwy 7 and Hwy 48

Old Arena
photo: old arena

Come and join us at the Wine and Cheese reception. Then, continue your Reunion fun and see old friends at one of Markham’s fine restaurants or pubs.

Come meet your fellow students & teachers at the following local pubs!
Year Pub Location
Pre ’54 The Thistle Inn 48 Main Street
(aka The Wedding Cake House)
1950’s Tampa Taps Sports Grill 6061 Hwy 7
(right beside the old arena)
1960’s Col. Mustards 6545 Hwy 7
(east of Hwy 48 on south side Hwy 7)
1970’s Fox & Fiddle 144 Main Street
(aka The Wilson House)
1980’s Sgt. Peppers Pub & Grill 5694 Hwy 7
(aka The Sherwood.. West of Hwy 48, north side Hwy 7)
1990’s & 2000's Dutchess of Markham 53 Main Street
(east side of Main Street)
MDHS Staff The Red Hot Bistro 144 Main Street 
(west side of Main Street, beside the Fox) 

The Thistle Inn 48
Tampa Taps Sports Grill
Col. Mustards
Fox & Fiddle
Sgt. Peppers Pub & Grill
Dutchess of Markham
The Red Hot Bistro


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