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Calendar of Events
May 14, 2004
12 Noon Golf Tournament
5-9 PM *Reception, Old Arena Wine and Cheese
7-11 PM *Informal Gathering at Pubs and Eateries
May 15, 2004
9 AM Activities Begin at 89 Church Street, Breakfast, Registration and Sign-in
9 AM Nostalgia Rooms open
10 AM Basketball, Volleyball in Boys Gym
10 AM Staff Brunch
1 PM Opening Ceremonies/ Variety Show
2:30 PM Old School at 55 Albert open for tours
4 PM School Closes
6 PM *Reception at Building #1 Markham Fair Grounds - Cash Bar Opens
6:30 PM *Buffet Dinner(served t'ill 9:30), DJ music
8 PM *Much Music Retro video Dance at Building #2
May 16, 2004
11 AM Ecumenical Ceremony St Andrews Presbyterian
*Evening events are licenced, must be 19+ to attend.
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Nostalgia Rooms

The committees have been formed and the students currently attending MDHS are busy getting ready for the 50th Reunion!

We have planned for seven "Decade Rooms" that will host the returning alumni on May 15th!

Before 54 - Room 32

The "Before 54 Room" will welcome all of our alumni who attended MDHS in the brick building at the corner of Joseph and Albert Streets. We have recruited Dorothy Gilbert as our Resource Person and she has been out spreading the word in a big way!! This room could easily be the busiest! The Big Band Sounds will waft out of this room!

50’s - Room 12

The "50's Room" reps are dusting off their poodle skirts and slicking back the duck tails while they listen to Elvis singing "All Shook Up" to get in the mood for their alumni. They will be enjoying Coke in bottles and leaning on the Jukebox in the corner. It will be "Wowsville"!

60’s - Room 8

There is a "Love In" going on in the "60's Room" meetings and they are talking about the Beatles, flowers in their hair, bead necklaces and psychedeliia!! Woodstock will have nothing on the excitement in this room! It will be sooooo groovy! Peace, man.

70’s - Room 25

The "70's Room" is twinkling with the magic of the mirrored ball in the centre of their "disco" scene! It will be "Saturday Night Fever" all day as they pull out the polyester leisure suits. put on their mood rings and fluff up their Afro's to welcome the alumni from the 70's.

80’s - Room 19

The "80's Room" will be "totally gnarly" with the sounds of Prince, Madonna and the strains of "Beat It" by Michael Jackson. You may have to brush up on your Rubik's Cube skills and check out the Cabbage Patch Kids corner! We are looking forward to the return of the "Yuppies" of the 80's!

90’s - Room 36

The "90's Room" will be totally "in your face" with memories of Y2K, the Millennium Bug, Grunge and the bungee jumping craze! Relive your years at MDHS to the sounds of Eminem, The Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and who could forget Ricky Martin? We will certainly be "Livin la Vida Loca"!

00’s - Room 45

And finally, our most recent grads will gather in the "2000's Room" to compare stories about life beyond MDHS while sipping on their ice cappuccinos and listening to "Get Ur Freak On" or "Bootylicious". We hope they spread the word about the 50th Reunion on their cell phones and will be there in force to celebrate with us!

You won't want to miss a moment of the festivities in the hallow'ed halls of MDHS as we relive some of the "Glory Days" of the past 50 years. Be sure to tell all your friends and fill out the registration form that you can download online!

See you there!!!


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